13 Infographics For Entrepreneurs


As entrepreneurs, infographics can present information to us that not only benefits our businesses, including helping us determine our course of action, they also give us insight into ourselves as well as the overall startup landscape. Below are 13 infographics that are useful and/or interesting, and pertain directly to the field of entrepreneurship.

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Who Are The Entrepreneurs?

Source: Daily Infographic

The Anatomy of a Startup, Illustrated

Source: TheNextWeb.com

How to Pick a Startup Funding Strategy

Source: grasshoppergroup.com

Startup Business Cycle

Source: FlowingData.com

The Facts of Small Business

Source: TechLifeMashup.com

Tech Startups vs Rock Bands

Source: TelevisionSky.org

The Evolution of the Entrepreneur

Source: Grasshoppergrou.com

Visualizing Innovation

Source: SocialEarth.org

The Entrepreneur’s State of Mind in 2010

Source: FastCompany.com

The Rise Of An Entrepreneur

Source: Penn-Olson.com

The Young Entrepreneur Mega InfoGraphic

Source: YoungEntrepreneur.com

Entrepreneurs in the Cloud

Source: Chargify.com

An Optimistic Outlook for Entrepreneurs in 2011

Source: BusinessBlogsHub.com


Entrepreneur vs. MBA. Is the MBA Worth it?

Source: BostonInnovation.com

Did I miss any?! If so, put them in the comments below!

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