Startup Spotlight: Stratasan with Jason Moore

If you are an entrepreneur, Nashville is the place to be.

Having first hand experience with some of the best resources for entrepreneurs in the city, Jason Moore, founder and CEO of Stratasan, cannot give enough praise to the opportunities Nashville has. Find out how Nashville’s entrepreneurial resources have opened doors for Stratasan, and how it can open doors for your venture, in this week’s episode of Startup Spotlight.



About Jason Moore

Mr. Moore is founder and CEO for Stratasan based in Nashville, TN. Stratasan provides healthcare market intelligence via cloud services helping organizations make better strategic decisions around healthcare.

Mr. Moore co-founded for bigWebApps based in Atlanta, GA in 2001.  Over 10 years, he led product development, sales and client retention through a SaaS model.  bigWebApps was organically grown from inception and now boasts clients in 42 of the 50 states and 13 countries around the world.

Mr. Moore designed support processes and implementation strategies that are currently being used across multiple industries which include K-12 education, higher education, IT Consultant Services, Manufacturing, and financial services.

Mr. Moore is a member of St. Henry Catholic Church along with his wife, Mary, and children Sevier, Oakley, and Kearney Ann.  Mr. Moore attended the University of Georgia, Philosophy.


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