Startup Spotlight: SourceYourCity with Founder Neely Burks

Got a story but looking for a source? Maybe you have information to share within a confidential online community. Join Neely Burks, founder and president of Source Your City, to find out what this startup company has to offer Nashville’s community of reporters, PR professionals, and other industry experts.



About Neely Burks: Founder and President of SourceYourCity

A graduate in PR from the University of Tennessee, Neely began her career at the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce as a communications and public relations coordinator. While at the Chamber, she managed media relations, fielding source requests from both local and national press—an experience that laid the foundation for an idea that would eventually become SourceYourCity.

Neely joined Nashville-based agency, KVBPR, in 2008 where she managed media relations efforts for First Tennessee, Smith Seckman Reid, SSRCx, Stites & Harbison, LandDesign and The Blakeford. Here, she further honed her media relations skill-set as she worked to garner news clips for clients in local, regional and in some cases, national markets.

Through this experience she became familiar with various technology-based services that broker source exchanges between journalist and PR professionals. While effective, because most popular options like Help A Reporter Out (HARO) and ProfNet are national in scope, they cater largely to national press. However, the demand for sources also occurs on a local level.

In-between this market lag, SourceYourCity was born. Founded in August of 2010, SourceYourCity connects local reporters with local experts to enhance the quality of local news.


Connect with SourceYourCity:

Twitter: @sycnash