Startup Spotlight Ep8: Provider Trust with Chris Redhage

Some say a leader is born, others claim leaders develop over time.

We are not here to debate the origin of a leader, however, but this episode of Startup Spotlight is directed towards any leaders out there- born, developed, or aspiring. Join Chris Redhage, co-founder of Provider Trust, as he talks about some key leadership tips from criticism to communication. Pick up some practical ideas you can implement today to improve your overall leadership style along with some tips on how to continue to be the best leader possible. Watch this week’s episode of Startup Spotlight now!



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About Chris

Chris Redhage has founded and led a diverse set of healthcare, technology and entrepreneurial ventures. His first healthcare venture, The Semeion Group, provided early stage investments to healthcare and technology firms. Mr. Redhage set the plans for the company’s initial investments and growth strategies.

As co-founder of Bluesky Medical Staffing Software (, an Amistaff Healthcare Technology company (, Chris built the leading SaaS technology solutions within the healthcare staffing industry that serves as a turnkey solution for staffing companies to streamline recruitment, scheduling, credentialing, payroll and invoicing services. Mr. Redhage has help lead each organization from start-up to profitability and is passionate about social entrepreneurship.

Chris grew up in Nebraska, graduated from the University of Richmond and currently lives in Nashville, TN with his wife. At one time, Mr. Redhage played soccer professionally.


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