Startup Spotlight Ep7: Undergrads and Startups with Kumar Thangudu

Owning your own business is impressive, but what about juggling an undergraduate degree at the same time?

Getting a diploma is not the only thing on Kumar Thangudu’s mind right now. As the founder of ColdCrate, Kumar is directing his time and efforts to pursuing the startup of his own company, which stems from a unique and passionate history. Watch this week’s episode of Startup Spotlight to learn more about ColdCrate, Kumar’s passions, and how he is learning to balance the responsibility of being a full time student and full time businessman.


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About Kumar Thangudu

Kumar is responsible for the day to business relationships, sales, and overall strategy formation of the company. Prior to starting Cold Crate, he worked for numerous technology startup companies in key business development roles during his education at Georgia Tech. He worked at the Houston Technology Center interacting and consulting with over 60 startup technology startups in IT, Life Sciences(medical devices), Petroleum, Space, and nanotechnology industries. He worked for a groundbreaking Cryogenic Powderized rubber company designing shipping/recieving factory lanes. He spent 2 years working for a particle accelerator company, Scan Tech Sciences, designing the layout of their electronic cold pasteurization facility.  Kumar studies Industrial Supply Chain Engineering at Georgia Tech and currently resides in Nashville, Tn.


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