Startup Spotlight Ep6: Nemonics Media with Jacob Gordon

Searching for an easier way to share quotes and have your own brilliant lines stand out? Here’s your solution!

As we propel forward as an interactive society, there is a great market of opportunities to tap into. Jacob Gordon, founder and CEO of Nemonics Media, is already finding his place in it and has joined us on this week’s episode of Startup Spotlight to share with us. Listen in as Jacob talks about his current endeavors with Quote, while providing some insight into staying motivated, podcasts, and his first hand observations on the culture of the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial hub.



About Jacob Gordon

Jacob Gordon is the founder and CEO of Nemonics Media, the maker, a social web app for sharing quotations. His background is as a media professional covering topics of environment and technology for major publications, and he’s the host of TreeHugger Radio. Before journalism he ran environmental programs for American Apparel’s garment factory in downtown Los Angeles. He’s also a tai chi teacher and a steel guitar player.




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