(Insert Word Here) of the Week Award! — Part I

Back Story:

Recently, a friend of mine, John Capps (above), won a “Teacher of the Week” award and it got me thinking… What a simple way to show someone you respect and support what it is they do. Why aren’t more good deeds, or jobs well done shown this level of respect?

The Research:

I did some Googling to see what kind of “(Insert Word Here) of the Week” awards I could find in Nashville. The findings are below:

  • – Educator of  the Week
  • – Teacher of the Week
  • – Photo of the Week
  • – Crime of the Week
  • – Artist of the Week
  • – Player of the Week


An Idea:

Not bad… Not bad… But we can do better! Everyone feels underappreciated from time to time, so why not give everyone the opportunity to shine?! Imagine…

  • – Assistant of the Week
  • – Realtor of the Week
  • – Custodian of the Week
  • – Receptionist of the Week
  • – Accountant of the Week
  • – Lawyer of the Week
  • – Entrepreneur of the Week
  • – CEO of the Week
  • – Account Executive of the Week
  • – Sales Person of the Week
  • – HR Manager of the Week


Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that everyone should win an award. I am saying that if there are people out there that are doing a “bang up” job, and there are you probably can name three off the top of your head right now, they deserve to have their horn tooted.

Part II:

In Part II of “(Insert Word Here) of the Week Award!” we will discuss how I propose we address this issue. Stay tuned!

Who else deserves to be recognized for a job well done? Did I miss anyone? If so, please leave them in the comments below!