Nonprofit Notables Ep5: Online Video with Sam Davidson of CoolPeopleCare

Even if you’re not Steven Spielberg, your nonprofit still needs a video director.

The use of videos is increasingly popular and important to the growth and PR of any nonprofit, and Sam Davidson of CoolPeopleCare is no stranger to the power of videos. On this week’s episode of Nonprofit Notables, Sam fills us in on the why, how, and what of putting together a short segment for your nonprofit. Even with very little skills in videography, you too can push your nonprofit out into the lime light, while developing a recognizable face for your organization.  Tune in to this week’s episode to learn some quick and easy tips to producing your very own video.

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About Sam Davidson

Sam Davidson is a speaker, author, and entrepreneur who tells stories that need telling in order to motivate others to change the things that need changing. Since its founding in 2006, Cool People Care has connected thousands of individuals to causes in their local communities while its merchandise line has raised over $125,000 for nonprofit organizations around the US. He the co-founder of Proof Branding and is the author of three books: New Day Revolution, 50 Things Your Life Doesn’t Need, and Simplify Your Life. He lives in Nashville with his wife and daughter.

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