Nonprofit Notables Ep4: Content Marketing Strategies with Joey Strawn of Paramore

How do you get 2,000 Facebook likes in one week! Joey Strawn tells all!

In the fourth episode of “Nonprofit Notables,” GiveYear founder and CEO William Griggs interviews Joey Strawn of Paramore, a Nashville-based digital marketing company.  William and Joey discuss content marketing – a different way to look at how a company handles marketing. Joey stresses the importance of distributing relevant and valuable content to draw customers/donations/volunteers, without sounding too “sales-y.”. He also touches on setting goals for a marketing campaign, and how to tailor your methods to fit those goals.  Among the methods discussed are blogs, content creation, YouTube videos, newsletters, and more.  Joey speaks of the importance of creating not only an online image, but also creating consistent content for customers.  Joey can be found at, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, and For Bloggers, By Bloggers.

About Joey Strawn

I am a digital marketer, blogger, PR practitioner, and all around swell guy. Currently, I run and work as the President and Chief Awesome Officer of Empty Jar Marketing. My primary focus is to help companies and people find and integrate their personalities and brands into their Digital Mediums.

I am a seven-year student/practitioner of marketing and public relations and was introduced to social media marketing while attending graduate school at Boston University. I have been writing, learning, and socializing ever since.

Through a New Lens, my first blog, was a combination of two main passions: social media marketing and movies. I attempt to bring out helpful themes and ideas from movies that we all watch in hopes to foster not only a desire to improve social media strategies, but also to encourage everyone to see the world around us in a new way.

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