Documentary Idea: What Is Going On In The McDonald Family?

Back Story:

Whenever I eat at a restaurant, I often think about the people sitting at the tables around me. Questions like, “Who are they?”, “What are their names?”, “What do they do for a living?”, “What’s going on in their life?” and “What’s their life story?” flow through my head.

The Idea:

Create a documentary that seeks to find the answers to the questions above and many more. This documentary will be set in McDonald’s restaurants all across the world, as we interview the people that are dining in, encouraging them to tell their story.

As we film this documentary, I envision we would find and profile people from all walks of life. Differences we can’t begin to fully understand until we ask the question, “What’s going on?”

What Do You Think?

Would you go see this documentary? Do you have a documentary that you are just itching to create?