Build Your Business Bucket List Today!

writing your business bucket list

What is a business bucket list?

Everyone knows that a bucket list is a list of things you hope to do before you kick the bucket. The business bucket list is a similar concept, but speaks exclusively to things you would like to accomplish during your business career. For instance, it could be meeting a famous founder, going to a conference or raising venture capital. As with a traditional bucket list, it’s open ended so let your imagination run wild.

Below is my business bucket list. I hope it encourages you to take some time to create your own.


  1. – Live in Silicon Valley
  2. – Attend a TechCrunch Party
  3. – Build and launch a social enterprise (WIP)
  4. – Launch and successfully fund a KickStarter project (WIP)
  5. – Become an Echoing Green Fellow
  6. – Attend an official TED Conference
  7. – Experience entrepreneurship in India, China, Brazil and Israel
  8. – Attend graduate school
  9. – Build and launch an “As Seen On TV” product
  10. – Build and launch an iPhone and/or Android app
  11. – Build and launch a board game
  12. – Write a book
  13. – Teach a graduate school course


So… what is on your business bucket list?! Let me know in the comments below.