Are you doing what comes easy?


When launching a startup you have a lot to do.


To combat the endless to do list and make progress, you must prioritize.


Early on you will be forced to do a lot of things that fall outside your comfort zone. I challenge you to embrace those items. It’s easy to focus on what comes natural, is the most fun, or can be completed in the shortest period of time, but if it is not crucial to the immediate success of your organization, then you should not be doing it.

I suggest you break your to do list into three sections including: Today, Work In Progress (WIP) and Future.

  1. – Under Today, place all the items you plan to complete by the end of the day. Don’t forget to prioritize said items with the most important tasks at the top of your list.
  2. – Under WIP, put items that you have worked on, but require someone else’s attention before you can complete, such as setting up a meeting.
  3. – Under Future, place all the items you need to complete, but are not time sensitive.



Are you doing what’s easy, or are you doing what needs to be done to ensure your immediate success?

Next Steps

  1. – Develop your to do list
  2. – Create each of the following three headers: Today, Work In Progress (WIP) and Future
  3. – Prioritize — Ask yourself, “What needs to be done today?”
  4. – Reevaluate your to do list daily
  5. – Continually ask yourself, “Am I doing what must be done to ensure the immediate success of my organization?”
  6. – Work off of your to-do list daily


Calling All Entrepreneurs! How do you organize and determine the work you are to complete on a daily basis? What approaches have you explored?