4 Quick Podcamp Nashville Networking Tips

My Session: “Hustlenomics 101: From Idea To Business — Tips, Tools & Tactics That Work”

About: If you’ve got a great idea, but are unsure what to do next, this is the session for you! In this session, you will get the knowledge you need to take your idea to the next level.

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1. Start before the conference begins

Study the sessions and read the presenter bios ahead of time. Determining what sessions to attend before you show up will help you maximize the value you receive from the conference both in terms of the content you consume and the people you will meet.


2. Put your gadgets away!

Sure you will want to tell all your twitter followers about the amazing session you just attended and that’s fine, but there comes a time when you need to put the gadgets down and focus on in-person, human interaction.


3. Talk with the people around you

If you are attending the same session you already have something in common. Start by asking your neighbors why they chose the session!


4. Swap contact information with the presenter

If you are really interested in what the presenter had to say, exchange contact information afterward. The presenter is likely to be pretty busy that day so remember to be brief. Tell them your name, how much you liked their presentation, what you do and why you would like to talk with them further.


Did I miss any?! If so, put them in the comments below!



About William:

While at centresource and Suineg Consulting, William Griggs worked with clients ranging from one-man operations to large corporations in order to launch their products and grow their business.

William is very active in the digital community and has served as both an advisor and in managerial roles of several Internet start-up companies.

Currently, William is in the process of starting giveyear, a social enterprise he is incubating in the Nashville Entrepreneur Center that seeks to change the world by harnessing the talents of our nation’s most promising future leaders and providing them with an opportunity to serve.


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